Refill Castor Oil Pack Compress

$45.99 USD

“My naturopath had me start castor oil packs using flannel as the pack. It was such a pain and so messy. This pack has made life so much easier. I do this pack nightly and don't have to fiddle around with flannel and plastic wrap.” – Anita D, Queen of the Thrones™ fan.

Say goodbye to messy DIY castor oil packs of the past. This carefully designed, organic cotton sherpa pack was made to be heat-less, less-mess & reusable. When your well-loved compress is ready to be replaced or you just want 2 on hand, look no further… This treatment that was once a pain is now simple, cleaner, & feels like a warm hug! Made with an inner layer of organic cotton sherpa & an outer layer of eco & health-friendly polyurethane.

For only $15 more you can get the Castor Oil Pack Bundle which includes a compress & a 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle of organic castor oil (regularly $29.97)!

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Amazing Results

Have started using the oil pack more frequently and so pleased with the results. It’s a quicker and safer way to deal with many issues. Once you try it, there’s no going back. Thank you for a great product and all of the helpful information you provide.

Wanted to love this product

This is the second time I have bought this castor oil pack and I really wanted to love it. I follow all the directions on how to use and it leaks within 2 weeks of using it. I don't pour oil around the edges, I store it properly and do my best to keep it in good condition! But it has already started staining my sheets and clothing. It unfortunately does not hold up for 4-5×week usage from my experience

Recommended by my nutritionist

I've been doing castor oil packs for years since my nutritionist told me about them. During my last visit to my nutritionist, she recommended the Queen of the Thrones product. It's great!

Easy pack!

Love this pack! It’s so easy to put on. I was using rags and tying it with my bath robe ahaha. I would always move at night. And I would stain my pj’s. So I really procrastinated using the mock pack. But Queen of thrones pack is so easy to put on. It doesn’t move and my clothes and bed are safe. Highly recommend!

Easy to use

The fabric so so soft and elastic is plenty long for an easy application.