Oh, Sh*t! Pre-Order

$26.99 USD

"Yes I too am a castor oil fanatic. Read the first 2 chapters of your book and I am LOVING it. 👑💩🙌🏻" - Queen of the Thrones™ customer.

With Dr. Marisol's Oh, Sh*t! you will learn the only 3 stress-less steps you need to connect, clear and calm digestion so you can Own Your Throne!

This award-winning book is now available for PRE-ORDER so you and your loved ones can be among the first to receive this illustration-packed softcover copy as soon as it's available. If you've ever experienced bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, or anxiety... This is the read you've been waiting for! Order now and get ready to reset your gut, or as you will soon learn: your D-Spot!

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