The Queen Kit™

$124.99 USD

"This kit has totally transformed my health & self-care practice!!" - Queen of the Thrones™ fan.

With the Queen Kit™, you can create your own unique self-care ritual that addresses so many of your health disturbances supports regular bowel movements, cleansing, hormone balance, mood, reduction of stress, inflammation & so much more. By introducing natural, organic, & high-quality products into your daily life, you can feel good about your health practices. These tools are carefully curated to remove the confusion of the natural health world & set you up to Own Your Throne!

The perfect all-in-one organic self-care bundle (you’re saving 15%!) for you & a loved one. Get more than one & save even more.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can get all of this PLUS a copy of Dr. Marisol ND's award-winning book, Oh, Sh*t! Upgrade to the Castor Oil Gut Health Kit for even more savings!

The Queen Kit™ includes:

  • Queen of the Thrones™ Castor Oil Pack
  • Queen of the Thrones™ 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed, Hexane-Free, Organic Castor Oil 500ml
  • Eau de Throne™ - The Medicinal After you Poo Parfum™
  • Grateful Dung™ Bracelet
  • Beauty Sleep Kit™ with Cosmetic Castor Oil™ 100ml

At Queen of the Thrones™, we know that the greatest wealth is gut health. These products have been designed to conquer core inflammation, promote legendary liver cleansing, beautiful bowel movements, royal relaxation, and a majestic microbiome.

We’ve put together The Queen Kit™  with everything you need to help you claim your throne and become a legend, at a magnificent price of 15% off.

Welcome to your kingdom!

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Castor oil

I really like the products! I may be doing it wrong because I just like rubbing the cast royal on my tummy and then applying your rap I also wear like a tube top to keep it in place so I don’t worry about it when I’m sleeping! I’m not quite 30 days into your 30 day program but I’m feeling really good!

Castor oil pack

I love the pack and having a way to keep sticky castor oil off my clothes. Have been sleeping better.
I would like to see a single wide strap or zelcro tie. The strings are hard to tie behind you.

Amazing product

I have been using the castor oil pack for the last month and I feel amazing. It helps with my digestion. I recently had a lower back pain and I applied the pack on my lower back and the pain was gone in less than an hour. I also apply castor oil on my face and I see big improvements. My face looks better than ever, smooth and less wrinkles. Amazing product and the pack is so easy to use. For sure, I will always use this product and will make sure I order another pack soon as a back up. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Easy peasy

wonderful product, easy to use, doesn't get messy, would be nice to have a couple different sizes to choose from.

haven’t noticed anything yet?

i have had it 3 weeks and haven’t noticed any changes yet. i will keep trying though.