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Game Changer

I was introduced to Dr. Marisol through an intermittent fasting conference. Decided to try the product and thought to myself, "where have you been all my life!" Better sleep; better elimination; more energy. And I LOVE the new Sherpa wrap--so much better!

Love it!

I love my castor oil pack! It's so relaxing. And I love using the castor oil to take off my make up. I also use it to stop the itch of psoriasis. The pack isn't messy and it's very easy to use. Love it!

Good job

Definitely makes for Better BM

Good concept but elastic needs to be improved

This is a good concept product, but the elastic is coarse and extremely long. For it to have been a different, softer elastic with a clip on one end and multiple loops to hook the clip in to adjust for different sizes would have been ideal to me!

The brow brush and the eyelash adaptor came apart. Other than that its good.

Life Changing!

These products have changed my life! I’m sleeping better, pooping better, and so have more energy!

Somewhat messy

Overall I’m enjoying the ease of the pack. Definitely easier than the cloth & plastic wrap. I do love the wrap but it is still somewhat messy even following the recommended directions. It has leaked around the sides onto my top sheet & towel on the bottom sheet since I have been using it during sleep hours.

Caster Pack review

Thanks for the great products and support. I really enjoy the pack and use it before bed due to its relaxation. However, it’s a bit uncomfortable as the elastic digs into my skin. I’m very petite and it has to be held on tight. Otherwise, it’s so simple to use, thank you.

Solid Poo

My poo is not so runny as it was.

The castor oil pack is very easy to use. I highly recommend it. In fact, I have a friend that purchased the kit due to my recommendation.

Could of been a bit different

A GOOD book so far..... thank you!!!✨✨✨✨💥

Easy to use

The fabric so so soft and elastic is plenty long for an easy application.

So easy to use and mess free!

What's kept me from doing castor oils in the past is the mess and hassle but this is so easy! Great videos on how to use and I'm using this regularly! Love it!

Much easier!

Dr Marisol’s kit is much easier and less messy than your traditional flannels. I like the tie on idea!

Great Expectations

I haven’t yet received my castor oil pack due to damage during shipping , so a new order has been sent out and I’m looking forward to trying it out as soon as I get it.

Improves sleep dramatically

I've been using the Castor Oil Pack Bundle for a little over a week. I haven't noticed improvement yet in most areas, but my deep sleep has improved and I feel more rested when I wake up. I think other areas will improve given time.

New Nightly Routine

I am so excited that this product exists! I have been doing castor oil packs the "old way" and it's just so messy and not fun! So, I wouldn't do them as consistently. But, with Dr. Marisol's organic wrap it makes it so easy, and comfortable to do! I am so happy with the product and now I can easily add this back into my nighttime routine :)

I love my pack

I love my castor oil pack! It helps me sleep so much better at night!

Too tight for comfort

I appreciate the research and design that went into this piece, however I feel it is size exclusive. I’m a tiny person with a layer of fat, petite plus size if you will. If I wrap the ties around to the front it’s a bit tight to sleep in. If I don’t wrap them twice, the pack moves and there’s excess elastic everywhere, woke up to my cat playing with them. I’ve tried a few fixes,will keep trying. I also wonder if the shape and size fits women larger than myself. .

Castor Oil Pack and 500ml Oil Bundle

This Castor Oil is the best!

This is my second time purchasing the Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil, and I won't be purchasing it from anywhere else! These bottles last for a long time (I believe I purchased my first bottle when I first started using a Castor Oil pack at least two years ago), and the quality is excellent. My oil never got cloudy, even after I stopped using it for a while and it sat on my shelf for months. When I "rediscovered" the bottle in the back of my cabinet, it was like finding gold - "Ah-ha! A treasure to start using again!" As soon as that first bottle ran out, I bought this second bottle, which admittedly probably won't last as long though, now that I know about all the other uses for this magic liquid!

A wonderful purchase

When I use the Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit at the end of my evening skin care routine before slipping into bed, it feels like a real luxury to know that I will be nourishing my eyebrows and eyelashes, even as I sleep. Such a simple addition and an easy step to incorporate to my beauty routine, and I already see and feel the results in my eyelashes and brows after just one month!

Castor oil pack

So clean and easy to use each night

Doesn’t do anything

I wore this for 8 hours plus for 10 days and saw no difference in anything except oil on my clothes.

Castor oil bottle arrived broken

I have reported that the castor oil bottle had arrived broken. Have not got any response as of today, and it has been over 10 days. I know my message was received because I got the automated e-mail reply. I hope to get a response soon.

The Best!

I have used castor oil packs in the past and decided to try them again. Not sure if it’s the ease of use with the nifty packs or the quality of the castor oil but I am experiencing changes I never experienced before. I am only on week three. I am sleeping better, waking in the morning with more energy and my digestive issues are much improved. Can’t wait to see what changes I will experience in the future. I am ordering the Beauty Sleep kits next. Thank you for the great products!