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I have always wanted to do Castor Oil packs but no way was I going to deal with all the messy mess! QOT pack is so easy and very comfortable design. How do I feel? I can actually feel a shift in my health and energy and the poopies are fabulous dahlinks! LOL Don't hesitate to grab yours, your bod will love ya for it!!

Love it

Great stuff. The whole family uses it (kids and adults) and we have benefited. Will continue to use. Thank you for providing a quality product.

No results

I’m so disappointed. I was so hopeful this would be a sure and natural approach.

Divine Dream

Uber easy to use with an excellent design!

Happy with it but

I feel more rested when I use this pack but not sure that I’m getting the results I was looking for. I still have pain around the bottom of my right rib. Not sure what is causing and can’t seem to get rid of the pain. I have been using every night for about three weeks now. Please advise.

Castor oil

I really like the products! I may be doing it wrong because I just like rubbing the cast royal on my tummy and then applying your rap I also wear like a tube top to keep it in place so I don’t worry about it when I’m sleeping! I’m not quite 30 days into your 30 day program but I’m feeling really good!

Life changer!

Easiest castor oil pack I’ve ever used! No mess, and honest, trustworthy products!

Best Castor Oil Packs Ever!

Such a game changer, not just for me but for my clients as well. A staple self-care tool that should be in everyone’s toolbox 💪🏼 Thanks for making castor oil packs easy!

Oil pack & eyes

I’ve been using my oil pack and the oil on my lashes and brows for a few months now and love it. Helps me to be regular and my lashes & brows to grow and be healthy.

It works

I can't explain why it works, but it does. Helped me become regular.

So Easy To Use!!

This castor oil pack is so convenient. My friend talked about doing them and what a mess they made. I remembered running across Dr. Marisol’s pack and saving the info and I’m glad I did. It is easy to use and no mess! And I actually bought a piece of wool flannel to put inside also which worked well.


Súper recomendado!!!

A blessing

After Covid Double Pneumonia, I started experiencing hair shedding. My doctor suggested a medicine, but when I read about it I started searching other options. I found Queen of Thrones, and within two treatments (once a week) of the Hair Repair Kit, the shedding had stopped, and my hair has been growing ever since.

Miraculous Wonder Oil!

Who would think that one oil would be good for so many things? Not only is it a great beauty oil for skin and hair, but it is also very therapeutic for all the systems in the body. I use the pack most nights, and it helps me sleep better and also helps me to eliminate better the next day. I used to feel clogged up and tired all the time due to menopausal issues, but the pack helps me to feel lighter and well-rested. I also get good feelings when I put it on. The feelings are hard to describe, but it's like a wonderful feeling of well-being comes over me when I put it on. I have also used it on other hurt places on my body, such as a strained back, knee and wrist. Whatever pain I applied it to, they were all miraculously better the next day. I love how the pack that Dr.M created keeps the oil from staining my sheets and clothes. Discovering these products has been a miracle in my life, and I am so grateful.


So much helpful, easy to follow information. I felt better immediately. My digestion, sleep, mood and weight improve daily! I highly recommend.

Wonderful informative book

I debated to buy or not but so glad I made the purchase. Very informative and tons of useful information. Will read again and loan out.

Castor Oil pack

I love the kit. The pack is so easy to use. I used it twice and did not even get leaks. Works great. Can not wait to see the health benefits. thanks.

Loving the book!

Really great advice, I’m going to order the castor oil pack!

Love my pack!

This castor oil pack is amazing, I’m addicted! There’s something so comforting about wrapping it around my belly/liver every night, and then waking up feeling renewed! I have bought them for my parents and friends, want to share the love! :)

Castor Oil Pack and 500ml Oil Bundle

Feeling Sooo Much Better

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease which one of the symptoms is a sluggish bowel movement. After just 1 week of using the Queen of The Thrones Castor Oil Pack, I have been mostly regular on a daily basis. Plus, I sleep well and have been feeling much better along with more energy! I Love This Product that I will be ordering my 2nd order soon!!!

Product is great!!!

I am already starting to notice my eyebrows filling in!

Flat Tummy Mornings!

Wow, I've only used this about 5 times of the last 8 nights. I can really say I Sleep better with it on, and my tummy is noticeably flatter in the morning when I wake up!

Love it!

It’s easy to use and I’m enjoying it! Really find the book so informative and helpful!

Loving it so far!

I received the new throne about a week ago and have used it each time I used the bathroom! So far, so good