Why castor oil?


Touted as the best oil to stimulate hair growth since Ancient Egyptian times, castor oil was the legendary beauty secret of Queen Cleopatra herself.  

Castor oil on its own nourishes, improves circulation and reduces inflammation on the hair follicle helping to reduce hair loss, relieve itchy scalp and grow your hair thick and strong.  

It's also the very best carrier oil! This is why you should always ensure your castor oil is:

  • Highest quality & 100% pure
  • Certified organic
  • Cold-pressed, hexane-free & extra-virgin
  • Always bottled in glass

Castor oil helps cells absorb, so you can upgrade your hair mask with the optional 7 secret synergistic essential oils for hormones & hair included in this recipe. This clinically practiced, patient-preferred, & scientifically supported method helps to drive nutrients deep into hair follicles – even for hair loss caused by hormonal problems, alopecia, thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s, menopause, and more.


To Unlock This Free, Less-mess, Simple Self-care Recipe For Natural Hair Growth.