2 Castor Oil Pack Bundles with FREE Copy of Oh, Sh*t!

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2 (TWO) Castor Oil Pack Bundles with a FREE Copy of Oh, Sh*t!

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Summer Gerking
Lovely & Practical

I was worried about a friend & bought it for her bathroom issues. This friend is comically truthful n all matters & described to me n detail I will spare readers how much it helped her digestion. She uses it regularly & loves it.

Eileen Vagedes

I’m just beginning my health journey. I have an autoimmune liver disease and so far liking my castor oil packs.

Claudia Eshelman
You can totally feel it working!

I'm very pleased with the kit so far. I've used it for my uterus and my liver and all I can say is that YOU TOTALLY FEEL IT WORKING!
I'm sure with time I will attest to results but so far is great.

Michelle Landreth
Love it!

I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but as soon as I put on my pack I feel relaxed. I’ve noticed my digestion is better and mornings go smoother!

NayLynn Rudd
Not Disappointed

Didn't think I was going to like the book, but found it fascinating and very informative. I love the castor oil packs. Very comfortable.