Eau de Throne™

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Eau de Throne™ is the one and only After you Poo Parfum™. It is all natural and organic. Never any parabens, phthalates, or chemicals of any kind. Eau de Throne™ is a delightful pure blend of ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS of Lavender, Rosemary, Clove, and Citrus. The combination of essential oils makes it smell delicious, relaxing and provides anti-bacterial protection.

Never be embarrassed again for the smell you leave behind and better yet, get into the habit of peeking after you poo. It’s your time to OWN your throne.

Golden Lavender – 50 ml - up to 100 uses

How to use Eau de Throne™
Shake and spray it into the throne! After you poo to fill the room with perfume. Always leave the throne, with an odor you’re sure to own.

Step 1: Poo - Step 2: Peek - Step 3: Perfume

Your Poo Promise:
Wherever I park I will always leave my royal mark.
During my reign, no one will ever feel the pain.
Poop, Peek, Perfume - Delight in the royal scent that fills the room!

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Eau de Throne
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