Fit For A Queen

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“Excellent information and videos. So much I didn’t know about castor oil. I believe it will help me on my path to balancing my health.” -Pauline H. Fit for a Queen Student

This is the ultimate guide to all things CASTOR OIL!! Dr. Marisol, Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Mystic™ has world renowned expertise on this divine oil with over 20+ years of researching, experimenting and prescribing it in her clinical practice. 

This course is her comprehensive guide to using castor oil for health, beauty and spirituality. You’ll discover how castor oil and castor oil packs can support bowel movements, cleansing and detoxification, microbiome balance, relaxation, inflammation, hair growth, skin health, and so much more. In this course Dr. Marisol ND shares: 
  • Her personal experience with castor oil packs
  • The history of castor oil use
  • Conventional medicine use
  • Natural medicine use 
  • Health and beauty applications
  • Plenty of tips for how to incorporate castor oil into your daily life and why it is so beneficial 
This is the same information that she teaches to students at the Canadian Naturopathic College. It will be available at this price for a very limited time.
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Customer Reviews

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I wish the wrap/ pack was larger

Paying it forward!

A friend bought me a castor oil kit and I paid that kindness forward by buying one for my friend that has just been diagnosed with a fatty liver. I hope it helps her!


Meant to purchase the castor oil and pad pack but purchased the on line course and tried to reach out to ask and told them I made a mistake but didn’t do anything about it.

Hi Angela!
I have followed up with my team and we do not have any phone or email messages from you about your order. Please send my customer care team an email at and I will make sure you are taken care of!

Castor Oil

Amazing, amazing, amazing. My tummy flattened in only five days, easy to use and not messy. Love it and recommend it ❤️

Doing great

It was a wonderful program. Only thing missing is DIY recipes with castor oil. Thank you.