Oh, Sh*t! eBook Bundle

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Get Recipes for the Meal Plan in Oh, Sh*t!, Dr. Marisol ND’s Top 10 Gut Supplements eBook and a 7 Day Wellness Tracking Book!
You're one step closer to healing your gut with Oh, Sh*t!
Complete your personalized road map with gut healing recipes, supplements & a daily wellness tracker to simplify your life & help you stay on track as you heal your gut.
This digital bundle includes:
  • The D-Spot Meal Practice Plan - 7 days of gut healing recipes (plus 4 bonus days!) that will help you get started on the 3 steps to reset your gut health in Oh, Sh*t!. ($9.99)
  • Top 10 Supplements to Revitalize Gut Health eBook- A list of Dr. Marisol ND’s proven in practice supplements for gut healing ($9.99)
  • The Log Book - A fun & interactive 7 day logging experience to track water intake, food, exercise, gratitude, stools and more! ($9.99) 
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Oh Sh*t This Book is Good

Dr. Marisol is very knowledgeable on the subject of digestion and gut health. She presents information in an easily digestible manner (pun intended) that makes you want to flip the page. She also presents information ina light hearted and funny way that keeps you engaged and wanting more. Highly recommend this book to anyone.

Quirky and helpful

Queen of throne products are made with honest intention, integrity, and a touch of humor. Great stuff.