Original Cleanse (Castor Oil Pack + Beauty Sleep Eye Kit)

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Sleeping better...

My sleep has Greatly improved, there’s such an ease when I make a BM, and I’m enjoying the daily self care ritual each night applying

Castor oil packs and beauty kit

Came quickly nicely wrapped. Seems to be working well. Just started on eyes. High quality items. Pack more Comfortable than expected.

Castor oil pack and beauty kit

The pack is easy to use. I was offered a coupon , and I wanted two kits , but My coupon wasn’t not redeemed. I emailed you questions, but I have not received an response. The kit was over priced, so I will not purchase another kit.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us Leila!
I do see where you reached out to us with questions about castor oil packs and it looks like our customer service team replied back on March 4th at 9:14am from care@drmarisol.com
Please check to make sure that the email was not filtered to your spam or junk mailbox in error and I will have the email resent out to you.
If you still want to use your discount code and give the castor oil pack another try, please let me know and I can support you with using it on your next order.

Best Night's Sleep in Years

I used the castor oil pack two days in a row. The second day, I used it just before bedtime. Fell asleep and stayed asleep for 9 hours! I seriously can not remember the last time I slept a solid 9 hours. It was awesome! My digestive system appreciated the castor oil pack as well. Easy to use and great results. What more can a person ask for? So far, very happy with the product.

Fighting COVID

I had started my journey with my castor oil pack for a week when my whole family came down with COVID. I am 68 in good health and want to keep it that way. I live with 4 adults and a 8 and 11 year old. I was ill for 2 days in bed with a severe headache and body aches. I feel that the castor oil pack which I wore ever night through this helped me recover more quickly. Not as fast as the kids but that is the nature of COVID. I’m using now to still help me remain strong and healthy.