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- 1 Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack Bundle 
- 1 FREE Eau de Throne™ 

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Alex Losey
Love this pack!

I wish I would have bought this years ago when I first started seeing it on Instagram! I have always hated how messy and frustrating the process of setting up my castor oil pack was and with this it’s so nice and simple, I have already done more packs in the few weeks that I’ve had than in years of trying to be consistent with this therapy. 😳😆 A must have healing tool for everyone! ❤️

toni taylor
An absolute must have!

An absolute must have for anyone that wants to feel better! Castor oil is an amazing gift from God and Dr Marisol has made it so easy to receive!

good concept

I love the concept of making castor oil packs more convenient. The wrap that works on your waist/lower body is great (I now have two). At first I was using too much oil and I ruined a set of sheets and more than one pair of pajamas but as long as you dont use too much oil it is not a problem. The eye kit really didn't work at all for me. The eye cover was too tight (I have a lot of thick hair). Then the brush that came with the eye kit broke and fell inside of the small jar of castor oil and I can not get it out of the small jar opening. Because the eye brush is plastic, I am afraid that the castor oil is not contaminated with toxic chemicals of some sort so that was a big waste. All in all, the big body wraps are good, but the other products have not worked for me.

Rhonda Osatiuk

I love the whole bundle! I noticed a difference right away.

Christine Brazzell
Helps keep me regular and clean

When I started using the castor oil pack I noticed I became more regular. At some point I stopped using it for awhile and got sick and later learned my liver needed more support so I started using it again and it’s helping me regain my health.