Castor Oil Pack and 500ml Oil Bundle

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“I ordered the Castor Oil Pack Bundle and it was the right decision. It is so easy, comfortable and it really helps me feel better. Thank you” — Gail S.

Easier than ever before, Dr. Marisol ND’s innovation is a heat-less, less-mess 3-step practice designed to make this legendary health practice easy for everyone. This bundle has everything you need to start this transformational health practice, and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Use the castor oil pack in many different ways to create a self-care routine designed uniquely for you. Queendom approved!

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    Caster Pack review

    Thanks for the great products and support. I really enjoy the pack and use it before bed due to its relaxation. However, it’s a bit uncomfortable as the elastic digs into my skin. I’m very petite and it has to be held on tight. Otherwise, it’s so simple to use, thank you.

    So easy to use and mess free!

    What's kept me from doing castor oils in the past is the mess and hassle but this is so easy! Great videos on how to use and I'm using this regularly! Love it!

    Improves sleep dramatically

    I've been using the Castor Oil Pack Bundle for a little over a week. I haven't noticed improvement yet in most areas, but my deep sleep has improved and I feel more rested when I wake up. I think other areas will improve given time.

    New Nightly Routine

    I am so excited that this product exists! I have been doing castor oil packs the "old way" and it's just so messy and not fun! So, I wouldn't do them as consistently. But, with Dr. Marisol's organic wrap it makes it so easy, and comfortable to do! I am so happy with the product and now I can easily add this back into my nighttime routine :)

    I love my pack

    I love my castor oil pack! It helps me sleep so much better at night!