Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit

$39.97 USD

“This has replaced all my skincare... I use castor oil as a makeup remover, a face wash & in face masks now! I especially love putting it on my lashes, & the eye mask has saved my sheets!” – Marie, Queen of the fan.

Minimize your skincare routine with castor oil! This kit is used to support growth of lashes & brows. Castor oil naturally plumps & moisturizes the skin, reducing wrinkles & dark circles while improving your sleep (the organic cotton eye mask naturally supports melatonin for a better beauty sleep!).

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Customer Reviews

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Who knew!?!

I recently found out I have pretty serious mold toxicity after undiagnosed symptoms for years. When my doctor suggested QOT to get everything out of my system I thought it was some “whoo-whoo” product. Holy 💩 was I wrong. Without TMI, it works! You can see, feel, and smell (ok a little TMI) it working. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m already feeling and looking better.

Easy to use, super helpful product!

I love our castor oil packs! We use them every night, and my favorite part is how calm and relaxed I feel after I tie it on. My kids look forward to a castor oil tummy rub every night, and even when we've had friends visiting their children beg for a tummy rub every night too! I have been working on my health and that of my family's for years now, and it's not often that you come across a wellness strategy that is effective and zero fuss. It's so EASY! You just tie it on and then you're set for the night. It's a wonderful product and you won't be disappointed!

Brow and lash

I love the idea of my brows being able to grow especially on the outer edges. I have only been applying the castor oil for 3 weeks as I just got the kit. Nothing yet. The mask could be a little bit more substantial. With the mask though, I am blocking out light that I used to live with. I am sleeping because of this treatment.

Beauty Sleep Kit

I've only used this kit for a week, so I'm looking forward to seeing results soon! I've been applying it to my lashes and brows every night, and it is so easy to do with the applicator. I like using the mask to keep my pillow case stain-free.


Great product!