Castor Oil Pack and 500ml Oil Bundle

$59.97 USD


“I ordered the Castor Oil Pack Bundle and it was the right decision. It is so easy, comfortable and it really helps me feel better. Thank you” — Gail S.

Easier than ever before, Dr. Marisol ND’s innovation is a heat-less, less-mess 3-step practice designed to make this legendary health practice easy for everyone. This bundle has everything you need to start this transformational health practice, and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Use the castor oil pack in many different ways to create a self-care routine designed uniquely for you. Queendom approved!

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    Jenna Nelson
    DEEEEEP sleep

    From the first night wearing this I noticed a difference in my sleeping. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night I wake up in the morning feeling rested because during the times I did sleep, it was a good, deep sleep. I'm sure it's doing everything else as well, but this was the quickest and most noticeable change.

    Krista B.
    Love it!

    I love the castor oil packs. They really do seem to help settle my stomach and reduce pains from indigestion!

    Julie Osmonson
    Super easy to use

    I have always been interested in castor oil packs, but never wanted to put the work into DYI. This has been great and is very easy to use. I have definately noticed an improvement in my digestion and my relaxation at night!

    Janet Thompson
    Not sure yet

    I haven’t noticed any difference after several days - my sleep got worse! ☹️ The pack is easy to use though.

    Kellen Pickard
    Very user friendly!

    I love this castor oil pack! It’s so easy to use and mess free, I don’t have to think about preparation or cleanup, it’s ready for use and also comfortable. I love that I can walk around with it and when I wear it to sleep it stays put too. The quality of the castor oil is so important, I love that this is organic. I will be telling my Acupuncture patients all about it!