Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit

$39.97 USD

“This has replaced all my skincare... I use castor oil as a makeup remover, a face wash & in face masks now! I especially love putting it on my lashes, & the eye mask has saved my sheets!” – Marie, Queen of the Thrones® fan.

Minimize your skincare routine with castor oil! This kit is used to support growth of lashes & brows. Castor oil naturally plumps & moisturizes the skin, reducing wrinkles & dark circles while improving your sleep (the organic cotton eye mask naturally supports melatonin for a better beauty sleep!).

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Customer Reviews

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Product is great!!!

I am already starting to notice my eyebrows filling in!

Great idea!

I have been wanting to try castor oil on my brows and lashes for sometime and this is a perfect solution to the mess of using it at night. The eye mask has two purposes: to give complete darkness and to hold the castor oil where you want it. I will say that the mask takes some getting used to. I couldn't sleep with it at first so I just tried it for an hour and then removed it. Now I use it all night and I am sleeping better than ever. The trick for me was to be persistent. And as for the brow thickening I haven't seen results yet in the few times (maybe 10 times) I have applied it. I think it will take more time to see results.


Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit

Queens but not Kings?

Promotion seems to be aimed at beauty and women, rather than detox and all peoples.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us William.
While our members are predominantly female, we do have many male members in our Queendom as well...castor oil packs benefit everyone!

Super happy!

Very easy to use and also as face wash too! My skin seems to love it!